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The Amaranth And The Rose

Attributed to Aesop, the fable of the Amaranth and the Rose inspires me. 

In a beautiful spring garden, Amaranth watches Rose. One day, Amaranth goes to Rose and says "Dear Rose, I envy you. Everyone says how beautiful you are, and your scent inspires poetry." Rose pauses, taking in what Amaranth has said. 

When Rose speaks, her voice is soft and kind. "It's true," Rose says, "others admire my beauty. However, it comes with a great price. My beauty is fleeting. I bloom and quickly wilt and die. You, dear Amaranth, have beauty that is everlasting."

The name Amaranth means "everlasting flower." The brilliant color of Amaranth flowers last long after they are picked and dried.

For me, this fable teaches about acceptance of ourselves and our own unique qualities. It can help us love ourselves and our lives, rather than wasting energy watching beautiful others that might have their own problems.