Amaranth Arts Classes

Amaranth Arts Studio


Amaranth Arts does primarily acrylic painting and multi-media arts. I try to utilize forgotten and found objects to breathe new life into them. Commissioned pieces are available.

Artist Trading Cards


ATCs were started as an international art project. They are still traded all over the world. These jems are great for parties and can be accomplished by anyone, no experience, education, or "skill" in art required. Make as many 2.5 x 3.5 inch pieces as you can, then trade or give them to others you care about. Don't worry! I won't tell if you decide to keep them for yourself!



I provide classes for kids and adults. I can provide family experiences, birthday experiences, or team-building exercises for employees and board members. Classes are listed on the calendar, and if there is ever a class you are interested, but don't see, let me know and I'll share my ability to do it!

Coptic Stitch Journal Making

Coptic Stitch Journals, Open Binding

With gorgeous, open bindings and some flexibility to grow, these journals and great for a weekend with folks you want to get to know better, and those you don't know! Each person will walk away with the knowledge that "I. Made. This!"

Journal Engagement


Sometimes a journal is an intimidating thing. We succeed in picking the perfect book, and then... we are inexplicably stuck. How do you start? What if you mess it up? What if you start and never return? This class addresses all those questions and more through visual journaling.

Have Questions?


This is just a sampling of classes. Contact me with questions about these and other classes and experiences, such as labyrinth construction, party experiences, and more!