Expressive Arts Therapy (ExA)


What is ExA?

Expressive Arts Therapy is the use of arts in a safe, supportive environment to encourage personal growth and connection with oneself in spite of a disconnected, strongly virtual world.

We address topics of grief & loss, chronic health conditions, social problems, sexuality, domestic violence/intimate partner violence recovery, communication, general wellness, and more.


How is ExA Used in Counseling?

Many people are hesitant when they hear about art. They say, "I'm not an artist," or, "I can't get the idea in my head out properly." ExA requires no training, no "skill," and no experience. We start by establishing safety and get to know each other. Your comfort level determines how quickly we involve arts, such as journaling, painting, and gentle movement such as yoga stretches or breathing.


ExA Groups

Creating art in community can be a powerful experience. Keep checking back for the creation of therapeutic groups and classes. If there is a topic you are interested in, please send me a message below. 

All  contact information gathered below will be used only by Karen Arthur in response to your questions. Your information will not be shared or sold.

ExA Groups And Classes

Interested? Curious?

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