Services Provided



Counseling is a life connection. It's a way to connect with another human being that offers to really listen to you. It's a way to process life events by sharing them with another. 

Counseling offers guidance, but not directives. It offers a safe space to practice the skills you need to feel successful. It offers a cozy couch when the world seems cold. 

Getting Started

I provide a free phone consultation so we can get a feel for each other. As a client, you have the right to know who I am and what I'm about. During this phone call, we discuss the price of counseling (I use a sliding scale) and your initial goals for counseling. All counseling services are confidential, including this consultation. If I'm not a good fit for you, there is no commitment.

After your phone consultation, we will schedule an initial appointment for you. This first appointment is one to two hours long and is used to discuss more about what brings you into counseling, your short and long term goals, and payment and fees. The cost of this first appointment is the same as follow-up appointments and we talk about fees during your consultation.

About Me

Individual, Couples, Families, & Groups

I provide a range of counseling services for individuals, couples/families, and groups. Often, individuals would like to include family members or friends in their counseling, which I encourage. The stronger the support system, the better life gets!

When counseling minors, I require the involvement of at least one parent, guardian or mentor. This means that at least for the initial appointment and homework assignments from counseling, the minor client and an important adult will share the responsibilities of growth through counseling.

There is no additional charge for including an extra person in your counseling experience, unless is becomes a group experience of more than 5 people and/or with folks outside of your family.


I might occasionally ask you to engage in a specific behavior or complete a worksheet at home between your sessions. These will be exercises designed to promote the goal related work we are doing together in the sessions.

Who Goes to Counseling?

Everyone can benefit from counseling. From self-esteem building to recovery from trauma, adults, children, couples, and families can use counseling as a way to promote healthy communication, develop coping skills, and improve over-all well-being. Sometimes stress (even good stress, like getting married, switching jobs, or having a child) can cause us to feel a little lost. You don't have to wait until something is "wrong" to come to counseling.

Fees & Insurance

I offer services on a sliding scale. The low end of the sliding scale is $40.00. I do not take insurance, which is one reason I provide this sliding scale. I trust that you will pay what you can and what you think our time together is worth. If you have questions about your suggested fee, please give me a call. Do not let finances stop you from receiving needed services.

If you are thinking of what you might be able to pay, consider the following questions:

"What is counseling worth to me at this time? Is it worth the same amount as a specialist doctor, or a massage? What other services have you received in your life, and what difference have they made for you?

How much can I pay for counseling so that I can attend for at least a while once a week to get started? Looking at my budget, what would I like to pay so I never have to worry about affording food, my home, the electricity, or other routine expenses?